PRIST strongly believes that education must prepare an individual for life. With a whole-hearted commitment to the cause and service of education, PRIST is focused on creating an ideal environment for teaching, learning and research.

Staying true to India’s rich cultural heritage and diversity, quality and discipline are the watch words. Value-driven learning, presented through a holistic perspective on human life and work, inspires the student towards a life-long quest for knowledge, wisdom and excellence.

Our vision is to create and develop humane leaders, to restore the country’s pre-eminence, in the global arena, and to take humankind on its path to prosperity and glory.

A wholesome, open approach provides a constant stimulant for the innate talents and skills of the individual student.  Application-oriented learning through student activity is complemented by a hands-on feel of the various facets of person and business management.

Regular business-academia interaction and an exposure to the national and international corporate work ethic, enthuses the student towards the rich, free world of entrepreneurship, paving the way for meaningful contribution to the society and world at large.

This learning philosophy has paid handsome dividends to the student as well as the institution which can be evidenced by the fact that year after year, unfailingly, PRIST student score and achieve Anna University ranks, across the entire spectrum of engineering and technological courses.  The University rank list gets embellished every year by the studious and hard working student contingent at PRIST.

DistinctUniversity distinction

PRIST’s exceptional educational style is rationally demanding, and guides you to a top-notch culture.




options 2

More than 50 course options

PRIST offers conventional courses and more extraordinary ones, some of which are unique to us.




career 1

Excellent career assistance

PRIST’s Placement & Training team work on different methods to enhance the training modules day in and day out as per industry expectations. Yes! we mould our students to transform into complete professionals.





Individual attention

PRIST will concentrate each and every student and our teaching pattern is in small groups or even one-to-one in certain cases.




technology  2

Our cutting edge tech..

A wifi campus, more than 2000 systems with top end configurations, state of the art laboratories, innovative research institution and much more… E-library is updated every month. Yes, our libraries are full with huge collections of books. Our E-Contents are exclusively built for PRISTian access. Whether your interest is English or Engines, you can find a spot to kindle your interest.



Woman's Eye and World GlobesThe PRIST experience

Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, PRIST wholeheartedly welcomes you. You will feel home! PRIST not only encourage academics but we are also keen to encourage out sports and cultural interests.