1. It is mandatory for students & their parents to sign a declaration at the time of admission in the format printed on the back of “Student personal record form” in English and Tamil. This covers conduct / discipline aspect and the general rules.

2. Fees are to be paid on the due dates. No one is eligible for refund or deferred terms of payment under any circumstances. Please see the relevant rules in the hand book given to the students.

3. Attendance in all internal assessment procedures and tests is mandatory.

4. No permission shall be granted for leave of absence (except for acceptable medical reasons), from tests and other internal forms of assessment even if requested by the parent / guardian.

5. Students not staying with parents / guardian need to have their place of residence approved by the institution.

6. A student not passing in all papers before reaching the final semester shall not be allowed to appear for the papers of the final semester, without passing the papers in arrears.

7. A Student who has scored less than 75% of attendance in each semester will not be permitted to write semester exams.

8. Those students using their own transport shall be present in their class at least five minutes before the commencement of the classes. Latecomers will be permitted only at the discretion of the teacher. Habitual latecomers will be fined.

9. No student shall leave the class room without permission or till the teacher leaves the room.

10. Students are expected to read the notice board regularly and get themselves informed of the activities and announcements.

11. For any form or act of indiscipline, the management reserves the right to decide on the quantum of punishment and / or corrective action.

12. For any student who has availed scholarship or fee concession, the amount so availed by the student shall be recovered from the students, if the student has been found to have violated any rule/ regulation or any regulation under the conduct and discipline.

13. Student shall not bring mobile phones to the colleges.